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Construction of Tread Section

I cut out the patterns with my Circular saw and Jig saw

I also used my friends table saw to make more precise square corners on the pieces. Just wasn't pleased with some of the cuts being square using the Jig saw

I made sure pieces matched up good, took awhile but Im very pleased with the way they turned out. I used the belt sander on some spots, be careful though because its easy to take to much wood off and make it uneven

Finished drilling out the axle holes

A little Bondo here and there and lots of sanding and its starting to look like a treadsection. Now how could I forget the soil sample door. Back to the drawing board

"Presto" Instant soil sample door and all the pieces are screwed together

I'm pleased at this point. Its starting to look like a Treadsection more and more. I will be adding some wooden supports to the inside of the side pieces for more support but first will do some measuring to make sure the supports will not hit the wheels when mounted

Building this took longer than I thought. I just did a little here and there while time permit. I countersunked all screw holes and will add fill to hide them. I will also have to make the toe area yet

Im getting ready to make the toe area of the treadsection. I will be using Bondo for this. I drilled and then added some short pieces of toothpicks for something extra for the Bondo to adhere to. Im not sure if I had to do this but I felt more comfortable doing it this way

I cut up ice cream bucket and used a staple gun to staple the cut plastic piece to the underside of the treadsection. For the front of the treadsection I used Duct Tape to hold the plastic piece in place. This way after the Bondo starts to set and heat up I just take off the tape and remove the plastic piece and let it cure

Looking good now, it does have a few spots that had air bubbles but not to bad at all. With a little fill and some sanding, the toes will be finished

I used holesaws to cut the acrylite (Plex), these will be used for the side of the 32 wheels, 48 3" and 16 4" pieces

2" and 3" ID pvc pipe was used for inside the wheels and cut with a chop saw to correct widths


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