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Construction of Collar

I used my jigsaw to cut the acrylic rings with no problem

I used Plumbers "Goop" for gluing the rings together. Works great

The finished skeleton for the collar

I made this template out of hardboard and used a small piece of plex to place on top. With out the plex on top the heated rods tended to pop up

I found out that 300 degree's was the perfect temperature for heating the rods up for bending. I cut the rods to 10 1/2" and place each rod in the oven at 1 minute intervals, with 5 in the oven being the max. My little kitchen was very warm that day. 108 rods had to be heat formed.

Success!!! All I have to do now is make a cut at each end of the rods. That would be 216 cuts

You have to take your time when it come to glueing, you want them as perfect as possible. Most B9 builders dont worry if there a little off because the original Robot collar ribs where not perfect

The finished collar with 9 inch lazy susan

Side shot

Finished Collar with Radar Section attached


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